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Build Partnerships for Career Exploration, 30 pages
For high schools who want to collaborate with an organization to plan and carry out a Job Shadow Day. Describes the preparation tasks at the high school as well as those at the organization, and provides details for the Job Shadow Day itself and follow-up activities. Includes a suggested task timeline
Create Approved Work-Based Learning Experiences, 59 pages
To help navigate the NH Department of Labor (DOL) process for obtaining approval for work-based learning experiences. Step-by-step instructions for the two required approval processes to set up legally appropriate work-based learning experiences. Includes examples of forms and letters from New Hampshire schools, sample career objectives, and an overview of child labor laws. Approved by both the NH DOL and the NH Dept of Education.
Habits of Work curriculum
An employment skills curriculum.
Curriculum Overview, 26 pages
          Learning About Work, 62 pages. Three units: First Impressions, Understand Your Disability, and   A Desire to Work.
Keeping Your Job, 64 pages. Four units: Managing Your Time, Respecting Yourself and Others, Workplace Safety, Learning from Experience
Self-Advocacy and the Transition to College, 66 pages
Eight lesson curriculum that addresses the specific needs of students with disabilities who are getting ready for postsecondary education: knowledge of your disability, how it impacts your learning, what accommodations are needed, how to communicate those needs, your rights and responsibilities under the law.
MCST Transition Library Catalog, 79 pages
Annotated shelf listing of MCST's Transition Library. Annotation includes description, price and ordering information. Resources are also available for perusal at Keene State College - contact to make an appointment.

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 Habits of Work curriculum
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