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I-13 Requirement: Are there transition services in the IEP that will reasonably enable the student to meet his/her postsecondary goal(s)?

Essential Elements

  • At least one transition service should be listed in association with each measurablepostsecondary goal.

  • Transition service areas include instruction, related services, community experiences, or development of employment and other post-school adult living objectives, and if appropriate, acquisition of daily living skills, and provision of a functional vocational evaluation.

  • The transition services and actvities (actions/steps) described under all of these areasare a coordinated plan for the transition from school to post-school adult life.

Note A: While each of the transition service areas must be considered in relation to the measurable post-secondary goals, the criteria for meeting this requirement for I-13 is not the determination of whether the “post-secondary goal(s)” were or were not written so they are measurable.  The focus for this requirement is on the determination of transition services in association with the post-secondary goal(s).

Note B: The transition services is a ‘coordinated set of activities designed within a results oriented process’.  The activities should specify what will occur, who is responsible and when (the school year) the transition activity will take place.  Coordinated means that the transition activities are planned and the responsibility for completing the activities are shared.  Schools, parents, outside agencies and students cannot, by themselves, do all of the activities necessary to help the student achieve their desired measurable post-secondary goals. The activities must be a well planned and shared effort between all parties if the student is going to achieve their measurable post-secondary goals.

Adapted from:  O'Leary, (2010) Reviewer Reference Form for the Transition Checklist.


Instruction“Jim will enroll in a self-advocacy/self-awareness course in the 10th grade.

Community Experience“Rhonda will take a trip to community college bookstore to purchase supplies needed for….”

Employment“Shoshona will participate in a job shadow experience.”

Post School Adult Living“Miguel will visit community agencies that provide daily living skills training to adults.”


Definition of Transition Services

2007 Draft Revised Transition Services:  Helping Educators, Parents, and other Stakeholders Understand:  Postschool Outcomes, Course of Study, and Coordinated Set of Activities (scroll down the document list to find it)

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