The IEP Transition Requirements Resource (I-13)


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The IEP Transition Requirements Resource is a multimedia training and reference tool designed to increase understanding about IEP transition requirements and indicator 13. It features video interviews with a leading national expert on IDEA transition requirements and Indicator 13, Dr. Ed O’Leary

Each transition IEP requirement has its own page, and each page has the same structure:
  • a list of the essential elements for compliance with that requirement,
  • examples,
  • video interview segments with Dr. Ed O'Leary,
  • links to other online resources,
  • and recommendations on where to enter the information in the NHSEIS. 
The requirements are:

Use this tool to increase your understanding of the important transition requirements that are foundational to creating effective and evidenced-based transition-driven IEPs.

According to O’Leary (2001), teachers and administrators are asking for direction and information that will tell them "what" they must do and then, with examples, show them clearly and concisely "how to plan for, develop, and implement transition services for youth with disabilities.

The tool is designed for special educators and trainers. It also can be used by any transition stakeholder (e.g., families, agency staff, teacher education faculty) to learn about the transition requirements that need to be addressed in special education programs.

The tool is designed to enhance training efforts that are currently underway by the NH Transition Community of Practice.

The development of the tool was funded by the Monadnock Center for Successful Transitions, a project of the Granite State Employment Project, funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CFDA 93.768).